It seems like every day, there’s another headline about the demise of animal milk — from announcements about new and innovative processes for developing milk alternatives to former dairy industry heavyweights filing for bankruptcy. With all this disruption going on, there’s never been a better time to be in the plant-based beverage industry.

But while regulators squabble over what can legally be called “milk,” more plucky startups like yours are entering the market in droves, battling for a piece of that elusive non-dairy pie. What if there were a way to come out ahead of the herd? With plant-based and vegan public relations, you can achieve the visibility your company needs.

But first, let’s talk about your mission.

Standing Out Means Standing Up

Developing alternatives to animal-based products is about more than just money. Customers are willing to support brands that align and identify with their values if given the chance. Even if that means spending a little more to feel better about their purchase.

Ultimately, your customers want brands with missions they can believe in, and values they’re willing to stand up for. They want to know why you do what you do, not just what you make or how you do it. At Orange Orchard, we understand the power of why. For us, the opportunity to help clients with a clear mission, a defined vision and a cause worth supporting is a big part of why we do what we do.

Today’s best plant-based brands understand they’re not just selling a product, they’re selling who they are. We can help you do that, too.

Human-Driven PR for Plant-Based Brands

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build, from our contacts in the media to our friends doing great work around the world. We want to build that relationship with you. Let us know what drives you, and we’ll work with you to spread your brand’s human message to the world. Call (865) 977-1973 or visit Orange Orchard today.