You’re an expert in green products. You can speak eloquently about environmental concerns. But you are never the person the media calls when they need to talk to an expert on these matters.

The reason why may have less to do with your expertise and more to do with the fact that the media does not know about you or hasn’t been “sold” on your bona fides.

This is where an environmental public relations agency can help.

Promoting your green initiatives can be done through traditional advertising but advancing your skills as an environmental thought leader is crucial to your overall public relations strategy. Earned media helps you brand your organization as the experts in the field.

At Orange Orchard, we understand and support environmental organizations because we share your goal to live in a healthier, greener and more eco-friendly world. Our team can help you further your brand by initiating more earned media through our contacts within the environmental press and through a series of content-building exercises.

We build your reputation by offering:

  1. Bylined articles on topics that are newsworthy within your industry.
  2. Interviews with the environmental press.
  3. White papers on your products or services and how they solve a specific problem or issue.
  4. Speaking engagements at events that target your potential clientele or industry.
  5. Media training to help you stay on message and provide a better interview to journalists.

Earned media is tougher to get and far more trusted by viewers than paid-for advertising. You need an environmental pr agency that knows how to get your organization the earned media that cements your credibility as an environmental expert.

Orange Orchard’s eco-friendly experts can help you reach out to the media, potential customers and others to get your organization’s story and services in the spotlight. Discover the value of creating interesting and newsworthy content to build your credibility portfolio.

If you are ready to start earning the media you need to move up to the next level in your public relations strategy, contact Orange Orchard today on our website or by calling (865) 977-1973.