Tourism is often seen as a cash cow to boost local economies all over the world. But the destructive nature of over-visitation has become more of a focal point in recent years.

Making your location a success doesn’t have to result in the ruination of the very atmosphere that draws in the tourists to begin with. In fact, respecting your destination’s natural resources and employing ecotourism public relations policies can help you raise awareness for your destination. And it can do this while protecting its natural resources.


While ecotourism is becoming a more popular option for travelers, many visitors aren’t aware of what it actually means. A PR agency that understands ecotourism works with you to educate the public on how to choose sustainable excursions. Let tourists know that supporting conservation can be both relaxing and purposeful.


Has your destination location worked to help preserve your area’s natural flora? Did you participate in a local program to bring clean water to your area? No matter what your story is, an ecotourism PR campaign can tell your story to potential guests on a larger scale.

These stories not only solidify your ecotourism location’s commitment to sustainability in the minds of travelers but also inspires others to try ecotourism themselves.

Gain support

Finally, a targeted eco-tourism public relations campaign can garner support for your cause. Even if visitation is limited, getting your story out to the right audience can attract support from like-minded people who want to help you preserve your location’s natural wonders.

Ecotourism now accounts for as much as 70% of tourism’s revenue shares and is driven by rising consumer demand for sustainable tourism. Safaris, wildlife watching and national park visits are becoming increasingly more popular. These destinations are expected to grow more as younger generations begin spending their tourism dollars on conservation-related tourism.

The PR professionals at Orange Orchard want to live in a healthier, cleaner and kinder world. We wear this philosophy on our sleeves and are proud of our commitment to these values. That’s why we want to work with your ecotourism destination to help your business – and Mother Nature – thrive.

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