Most people think public relations is all about damage control, but we do so much more. A proactive public relations strategy can make all the difference in telling your story your way.  It is essential that your environmentally friendly business has the right public relations firm on your side.

Here are five reasons you need a public relations team.

  1. Building a Brand – The right public relations firm can help you build your brand and craft your message so your product can change the lives of your customers and clients.
  2. Social Media – Social media has skyrocketed and everyone is using it. This means your eco-friendly company must have an active presence where your customers are. If you’re not active on social media, you are losing potential customers. That means you’re losing money. Building and maintaining a good social media strategy can be expensive and time consuming to do on your own. The right public relations team will have experts available to help you navigate this exciting venue for getting your message out there.
  3. Continually Generating Media Buzz – It is extremely difficult to get the media cover your business. Being in the news consistently is one of the most effective ways to build your reputation. The truth is, most media outlets want you to pay for advertising that looks like media coverage. PR professionals have the right contacts and experience to generate the buzz you need for your brand.
  4. Increase Sales and Leads – Part of what we do as PR professionals is marketing. All of the items listed above help build your reputation and get your message in the public eye. And this makes it more likely that potential customers will come calling.
  5. Relationship Building – The right environmental public relations strategy can lead to strong relationships, partnerships, and even financial support. Telling your story will generate excitement and enthusiasm around your brand. That can translate into all kinds of benefits for your business—and your bottom line.

So, you’re an eco-friendly business. You have a great product, a great mission, and a great story. The only thing standing between you and success is getting your message out there. That’s where PR can make all the difference. Talk to us today about how Orange Orchard can help you develop your winning environmental public relations strategy.