If your plant-based food company isn’t looking for B2B partners to expose your products to the broader market, your competitors will leave you behind.

As consumers embrace plant-based proteins, the meat alternative market is exploding as mainstream food chains capitalize on the demand. An experienced plant-based public relations agency can help plant-based food companies like yours find B2B market success.

Impossibly Good Results

By partnering with Burger King on the Impossible Whopper, Impossible Foods proved just how lucrative the opportunity to serve the growing consumer hunger for plant-based products. The increasing desire of many consumers to limit their intake of meat is being felt across the restaurant industry, according to a VegNews report:

In July, the NPD Group reported that US consumers purchased 228 million plant-based burgers at quick-service restaurants in the first half of 2019 — representing a 10% increase from the same time period last year. … The majority of consumers (90%) that purchase plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy are not vegetarian or vegan.

Developing B2B Relationships

For example, Vegconomist reports that Amidori founder Friedrich Büse said his company has focused beyond just B2C marketing and has worked to develop B2B partnerships, collaborating with restaurant chains and catering and large food companies:

Right from the start, we have focused strongly on the catering sector. With our ever-growing street food fleet, which operates far beyond our region, as well as through collaboration with restaurateurs and established companies in the catering industry, we bring our products closer to consumers without them having to cook them themselves.

We Can Help

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