You need a bigger audience; green tech public relations can help.

A blanket strategy won’t do the trick, you’ll need a strategy built specifically for your brand for PR to get the results you need. It’s not one-size-fits-all. It’s important to have an experienced team like Orange Orchard PR to position you in the publications you need. By identifying your goal, the right audience, and the right outlets, PR will start contributing to your audience growth.

What’s your goal?

Is it simply, a larger audience? Or is it a larger audience in a specific sector? Without a goal, your brand’s story may fall upon deaf ears. In the movie The Patriot, Benjamin Martin says “aim small, miss small.”

If it’s investors you’re after, or if it’s simply customers, that will make a big impact on the strategy moving forward. The better we can hone in on your goal, the better chance we have of nailing the objective.

Who’s the audience?

Okay, now we have figured out your goal. We must find the audience.

Our goal is to get your green tech front of the X, Y and Z professionals. A team like Orange Orchard PR can begin compiling media lists and building relationships with reporters. Knowing the audience can allow for the planning of both current and future stories.

 What outlets? 

We now have our goal and the audience we’re going after. This is where the rubber meets the road. By ensuring we get your story in the right outlet, your audience growth can expand exponentially. If you’re searching for investors and your product news find itself on the podcast they listen to, the light bulb will go off. If you’re after the construction company going green and your news is found in Construction Executive, they’ll start reaching out.

If you’re ready to grow and make a specific plan, contact us online or at 865-977-1973.