It doesn’t matter what form your company’s dedication to animal welfare takes — whether you’re making cruelty-free plant-based products or volunteering at a local animal shelter, it’s making a difference in your community. That’s something you and your team can be proud of.

But what if there was a simple way to amplify the impact of your efforts? What if you could not only reduce unnecessary suffering but, at the same time, initiate an ongoing cycle of positive action by inspiring others to follow your lead?

That’s the power of effective PR.

Partnering with an experienced animal welfare public relations agency won’t give you more hours in the day or supersize your staff. But a strategic plan to raise awareness of the causes you and your company care about can have the same effect. A careful, coordinated PR campaign based on earned media placement, web and social media content and thought leadership can help you educate and motivate a wide audience of committed animal lovers.

Whether it’s increasing demand for plant-based alternatives to traditional animal products, donating to the right animal welfare agencies or writing letters to support animal welfare legislation, PR can help you spread the word and inspire the kind of real action that makes change possible.

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