The rise of renewables

Earlier this year, Bill McKibben offered a surprisingly optimistic view on climate change. McKibben, the author of the 1989 eco-classic “The End of Nature,” argued in “The New York Review of Books” that solar and wind power will replace fossil fuels as our main source of electricity much sooner than predicted.

Even though solar and wind technology provided just 6% of the world’s energy supply in 2017, they represented nearly half of the growth in energy supply that year. And that growth will continue, or even gain momentum, as the cost of renewable energy continues to drop.

Renewable energy isn’t the solution to climate change. But it is a solution.

Green tech alternatives

There are other technologies, many of them related to renewable energy, that will also be essential if we expect to stabilize and reverse the global temperature increase.

  • Data science: Big data can play a role in reducing food waste by making production and distribution more efficient.
  • Automation: Making manufacturing, construction, transportation and other high-impact industries more efficient through automation reduces energy consumption.
  • Grid storage: Accessibility will be as important as cost to making solar and wind power our first energy option. Developing reliable and cost-effective technology to store and distribute renewable energy will be a major step.

Investment and innovation

One major obstacle to investment and innovation in green technology is eco-pessimism. Many people think that technology is what got is in this predicament in the first place and can’t imagine how it could help get us out. If you have a vision for new ways to clean up the environment, an experienced green technology PR agency can help you shape your mission into a solution.

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