Sustainability is arguably becoming the most important, most pressing topic in our world today. And for good reason – the consequences for not paying attention to the sustainability crisis we’re facing are dire, especially for future generations.

And if your company has sustainability goals that you regularly meet, that’s news that’s worth sharing! If for no other reason than in the hopes others might follow suit.

If you run a company though, you know there’s a fine line between garnering the right attention and running the risk of sounding too boastful for the public’s pallet. And the last thing you want to do is sound like you’re just using sustainability as a quick attention-grabbing gimmick.

The good news is there are ways to share your efforts with the world without giving off the wrong tone. And the first thing you’ll need is the right public relations team!

Focus on the Project

Make sure your message is centered on the specific sustainability project you’re highlighting instead of just your business. You’ll still get recognition, even if the focus of your messaging is on why and how you take sustainability seriously, and not on what makes your company so great.

Because if you focus your positioning is on the importance of sustainability and the efforts your team is making toward that end, then your brand comes across as more altruistic than prideful. And everyone loves a brand they can feel good about supporting.

With every blog post, email blurb, social post or press release, a specialized sustainability PR team can ensure your messaging is supporting the overall concept of sustainability.

Be Consistent with what You Stand for

Showcasing the momentum of your efforts by producing consistent sustainability-focused content will solidify your credibility and build your authentic reputation over time.

When people realize you’re active and working toward a cause they believe in on a continuous basis, they’ll be more likely to believe in your efforts and your brand as a whole.

But when you’re trying to run a company, finding the time to be consistent with your sustainability messaging is nearly impossible. So, let the experts handle it for you.

If you’re running a company that values sustainability efforts, and you’re having trouble remaining consistent with sharing that news with your audience, you need an experienced sustainability public relations agency like Orange Orchard. We can help make sure all the right people know that you’re serious in your mission to make the world a better place.

If your nonprofit foundation needs our specialized PR services, we’d love to help. Contact Orange Orchard online to find out more, or call us at (865) 977-1973.