You don’t have to wait any longer to champion a cause with your brand. The divide between business and social issues is shrinking. In fact, according to Chain Store Age, 70 percent of consumers want the companies they do business with to take a stand on social problems and the environment.

But many brands still keep these issues at arm’s length, choosing to donate or raise money for nonprofits. But cosmetics giant The Body Shop has proven that you don’t have to be a nonprofit to make a difference for animals, and great animal welfare public relations can help you get it right.

Case Study: The Body Shop’s “Forever Against Animal Cruelty”

The Body Shop was against animal testing before it was cool, all the way back in 1989. The cosmetics chain, staple of malls across the U.S., proudly proclaimed its products cruelty-free and panned testing on animals.

In 2017, with almost three decades of cruelty-free cred on its side, the Body Shop made a bold move. Instead of just supporting a nonprofit, the brand took direct action, collecting signatures to end animal testing worldwide in a campaign dubbed Forever Against Animal Cruelty. The Body Shop and partner foundation Cruelty Free International actually let the world’s first animal protest outside United Nations headquarters in New York City.

In October, Forever Against Animal Cruelty reached its goal of 8 million signatures and presented the petition to the UN.

What Did the Body Shop Get Right?

Taking direct action can be risky, but when done right, your brand — and animals everywhere — will reap the rewards. Here are some things the Body Shop got right.

  • They were authentic. With a 30-year track record of cruelty-free products on their side, taking direct action was the next logical step on the Body Shop’s brand journey. The message rang true.
  • They were direct, but not combative. Getting upset about animal testing is understandable, but sometimes a diplomatic approach gets the best results. Letting cute dogs take the lead in the protest kept it light without losing the message.
  • They leveraged facts. To create change, the public needs clear alternatives. Forever Against Animal Cruelty pointed out scientific evidence that non-animal testing is actually more reliable and safer.

We Can Help

For the benefit of our animal friends and your brand identity, don’t take a chance on an unsuccessful animal welfare campaign. Orange Orchard’s public relations professionals have depth of experience with animal welfare causes and global consumer brands, making us the perfect partners for your cause. Our blend of expertise will get your message right, growing your brand’s credibility and making a difference for animals everywhere. Contact Orange Orchard online or call us at (865)977-1973 to find out more.