2021 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for animal welfare foundations. With a heightened awareness of environmental and biodiversity needs, people around the world are, within their means, looking for ways to help make a real difference for the planet.

If you operate an animal welfare foundation, you already know the importance of fundraising events. You’re also well-aware of the challenges introduced by COVID-19 and how even the thought of planning your next fundraiser might feel like a waste of time at the moment.

Now, though, is the perfect time to gain an edge over similar foundations reaching out to the same donors. Across many industries, companies and organizations are reporting glowing successes regarding virtual trade shows and conferences. Why should fundraising events be any different?

To ensure your upcoming virtual fundraisers are successful, we encourage you to partner with an agency that fully understands animal welfare public relations. At Orange Orchard, we know that speaking the same language can make all the difference in the world – critical for when you’re actually trying to make a lasting difference in this world.

Promote early, promote across all channels

One of the advantages of a virtual fundraising event is the reduced overhead. Funds typically spent on a venue, refreshments and additional staff can either be saved or redirected into promoting the event to ensure a solid turnout.

A team experienced in animal welfare public relations can not only help with ideas and a strategy for the event itself, but they will be able to outline and execute an effective promotional campaign that raises awareness, creates engagement and drives registration for donors.

Furthermore, an agency with an in-house content team can supplement a traditional PR campaign by adding a dynamic social media calendar, developing well-written blog posts that help generate more visibility for your website and writing copy for e-blasts.

Contact us at Orange Orchard today through our contact form or by calling (865) 977-1973. We’d love to discuss your foundation and help make your next virtual fundraiser a success!