Single-use personal products like razors, makeup and shampoo come in small packages, but the amount of plastic waste they generate is huge.

When consumers purchase these items, they will most likely throw away the packaging without thinking twice. Fortunately, many brands have recognized the role they can play in reducing their environmental impact and have chosen to develop green packaging.

What type of impact does your company want to make?

If a company wants to reduce its contribution to landfill waste, they must look at alternatives to plastic packaging. Biodegradable and compostable options are versatile and flexible. Not only do these alternatives reduce your company’s carbon footprint, they can inspire creativity in your brand’s presentation and create a lasting impression on consumers. When environmentally conscious consumers compare two brands of equal quality and price, if one is more eco-friendly, they may be more likely to purchase the green choice.

Not only will your company reduce its environmental impact by switching from plastic packaging, but you may actually save money. Some organizations offer special discounts and award recognition to companies that add green initiatives within their manufacturing plants. The impact you leave on the environment sends a strong message not only to consumers but also to your employees. As they become more familiar with the message of reducing environmental impact, they can adopt it in the workplace as well as their own lives.

By making a small change in how you work and deliver products, you help build a better world. Your legacy will be one of resilience, hard work, and compassion. Orange Orchard is committed to supporting and promoting brands and organizations that leave the world a better place than they found it. When you’re ready for us to tell the world about the positive impact your company has on the environment, we can help.

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