As the holidays ramp up, it’s easy to create excitement around your cause. You successfully launched your holiday giving campaign with #GivingTuesday and your donors seem extra charitable. People feel more generous while all wrapped up in the holiday spirit. Approximately 31% of annual giving occurs in the final month of the year. The holidays are the perfect time to appeal to your donors, but in the months following, when wallets get tighter from the holiday bills piling up, it can be challenging to get donors to prioritize your charity.

This is the time nonprofits scramble to secure promised donations and prepare year-end fundraising numbers. But could you also be planning for the next year of engagement?

There are ways you can generate traction for your charity during times when donor dollars are lower. Create an engagement calendar and use the following tips to boost fundraising:

  • Socialize – Social media has expanded our holiday calendar. Now we celebrate everything from #NationalDonutDay to more meaningful social holidays such as #AmericaRecyclesDay. Use social holidays to increase awareness for your cause.
  • Show immediate impact – People feel more connected to a cause when they can visualize the impact. For instance, if you are an animal rescue approaching a season that you will need more supplies, share stories about the individual animals the supplies will help.
  • Community events – Engage your community with grassroots events. If you are doing good work in your community, let them know about it and invite them to join. Grassroots events are a great way to engage community members and turn them into longtime donors.

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