Everything that makes ecotourism exciting also represents a potential challenge. Remote adventures, wild locations, and disconnection from the digital landscape are all awesome until extreme weather or political upheaval arrive.

Many of the possible crisis situations that you worry about your ecotourism company running into are ultimately out of your control. That doesn’t mean, however, that the public won’t have serious questions if your clients encounter a natural disaster or climate event. And if you’re not prepared, a difficult situation could spiral out of control and lead to lasting damage for your brand.

Here are three reasons you should have a detailed plan for dealing with any circumstances that could negatively impact your company and its reputation.

  • Control the narrative. Deliver the facts straight before social media users or media personalities can start spinning or speculating.
  • Minimize the damage. Effectively expressing sympathy, acknowledging responsibility, if appropriate, and announcing next steps can prevent ongoing harm.
  • Move forward. Once the crisis has been addressed, you don’t want to sweep it under the rug. Use the experience as an opportunity to reconnect with your audience and recharge your commitment to your mission.

If you’re not sure how to establish a crisis plan for your business, consider a relationship with an experienced ecotourism public relations agency like Orange Orchard. Our team of experts can help you and your team prepare for any worst-case scenarios so you can focus on your clients and business goals.

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