We can all picture the reaction, right? When you mention the term “vegan” to someone who may not understand, there’s typically a look of confusion. Moreover, for people who brag about their carnivorous approaches, there’s even more of a cringe, followed by a question: “What do you even eat?” or, “What even is a vegan?”

And that’s where the education begins. Granted, one may find it challenging to spread the message of veganism to individuals proud of their daily bacon intake, but the framing of this subject is still vital to those who do and don’t understand the vegan lifestyle.

With that idea in mind, let’s look at three ways your foundation can use vegan public relations to share your message:

  • Empathize

Before sharing your message, understand that not everyone knows what veganism is, let alone how important it can be for creatures across the planet.

  • Educate

Then, when you say the word “vegan” and that confused look is presented, you have an opportunity to kindly and confidently inform your audience – not just about what vegans do or eat, but why these choices can benefit one’s body and the habitat in which each one of us lives and thrives.

  • Empower

Finally, after understanding alternative points of view and informing those who do and don’t understand veganism, it’s vital to empower people by letting them know the change they can create – not only with a choice to go vegan, but what spreading that message can do for the world.

But if you want results from these encounters, you can’t just follow these steps. You also need to have the backing of a vegan public relations company, which understands your approach and wants to help you craft your message.

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