As an environmental public relations agency, we’re always keeping our eyes on the industries we serve. This week, we’d like to share a few of the most interesting stories we saw at the very end of 2019.

Ecotourism is Helping Protect Endangered and Threatened Environments

According to Tod Emko, a former Sea Shepherd who was inspired by that movement to found the Darwin Animal Doctors charity, ecotourism is helping many regions find pathways to sustainable development that don’t harm their natural resources or wildlife. In an article for Forbes, he says:

If you travel abroad a lot, and you see coastal wildlife diminish from year to year, it becomes obvious how much more beneficial an ecotourism or sustainability-based economy is to everyone, compared to fishing or ecological depletion. Anytime you see the coastal environment make a comeback, it becomes shockingly clear how much everyone needed a healthy ecosystem to survive.

Groups like these are inspiring a new interest in traveling with minimal impact. You can read more about the growth of ecotourism on Forbes.

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives are Saving Animal Lives

It’s not often we hear about the real-world impacts of a new plant-based food alternative, but in late December we learned that roughly a quarter of a million animals had been spared in the past year due to lower demand for animal products. These numbers are expected to continue increasing as these foods become more widely-accepted in the coming years.

Check out the full article over on One Green Planet.

Mass Timber is the Future of High-Rise Construction

Here’s one for our green construction clients: popular forms of engineered lumber for large-scale construction, like cross-laminated timber, are seeing significant growth. While mass timber structures are already going up across the country, industry analysts only expect these to continue as building codes change to allow the new material in more building types. Unlike traditional wood structures, mass timber is often as fire-resistant and durable as the concrete and steel that dominated the last century. How’s that for progress!

Get the scoop on mass timber straight from the Houston Chronicle.

The Future Looks Bright for Sustainable Business

From where we’re standing, it’s a great time to be in an environmentally-driven industry. From advances in animal welfare to carbon-neutral construction, we believe there’s a better future ahead of us. Until then, we’re looking forward to every sustainable step along the way. Keep an eye out for the next Orange Orchard news roundup, and contact us at (865) 977-1973 if you’re looking for an environmental public relations agency that can spread the word about your business.