We are in an age where consumers demand transparency when making purchasing decisions, and they have the tools and support to make decisions aligned with their values. Think of the changes in fast food menus, it’s now mandatory that calorie counts are posted clearly next to menu items so that consumers can make informed decisions about their health.

A new platform is taking informed consumerism to the next level by notifying customers of products that are tested on animals and making suggestions for alternatives.

Consumers have plenty of cruelty-free product options and all the tools to stay informed on animal testing practices. If you are a cruelty-free company, it’s important your message is clear so that your product doesn’t get overlooked by this growing consumer base.

Cruelty-free is changing the cosmetics market

Ten years ago, cruelty-free options were much more limited. As consumers became more concerned about animal testing, many companies used misleading language when referring to their testing practices. This led a lot of consumers to be skeptical of cruelty-free marketing. Many grassroots forums and blogs emerged to identify cruelty-free brands as well as the greatest animal testing offenders.

Since 2013, there has been a 175% increase in cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics. This is great for companies who are doing right by animals. There is growing market and plenty of support.

Building trust with conscious consumers

Advertising can pique interest for the cruelty-free conscious, but an agency specializing in cruelty-free public relations can build trust with your consumers. If your company does right by animals, telling your story through garnered media is a much more powerful tool.

At Orange Orchard, we love making the world a better place for animals by supporting companies that believe in a world free of animal testing. If your brand has made a conscious commitment to avoid harmful practices towards animals – contact Orange Orchard online or call (865) 977-1973.