Now is the time to promote your green franchise through environmental public relations.

Businesses are examining their products and relationships closer when it comes to being environmentally friendly. No business wants to be accused of greenwashing.

An experienced green PR team, like Orange Orchard, can promote your green franchise the right way and get your message out with a strategic plan.

Get Social – With so much negativity online, you can bring the positive. An environmental PR and marketing team can create a social media plan that promotes the initiatives of your franchise through engaging, consistent content and posts. Aside from Facebook, Twitter, etc., LinkedIn is a powerful tool for your business. LinkedIn blogs and content have proven to be a useful tool in growing a network of potential clients and owners alike, and a solid PR agency with an in-house content team can develop these so you don’t have to.

Press Releases – The press release is not dead. Through press releases, your newsworthy initiatives can be shared to build the credibility of your environmental franchise. A well-crafted release will give the media the information they need to publish or contact you for more info. As part of an overall environmental public relations plan, this tool can allow journalists to go more in-depth to provide context to your green initiatives as a franchise.

You’re the Expert – As other environmental brands continue to grow and saturate the marketplace, you must stand out. Through a strategic environmental PR plan, you can be viewed as the go-to source on topics pertaining to your industry. Through media pitching, press releases, social media, etc., you can be the thought leader the media turns to for commentary.

If you’d like to learn more on how your environmental brand can be promoted through environmental PR, then get in touch with us.

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