You have a team dedicated to the care and well-being of animals, and a group of supporters who volunteer their time and provide financial support.

And now you’d like to expand so you can do more.

An animal welfare public relations partner can help get more eyes and ears on the work your organization does every day to show compassion and care for animals.

The team of professionals at Orange Orchard knows how to help you uncover newsworthy details of your work, and share it with media outlets with audiences who want to hear about your animal welfare efforts and, in turn, support you.

The dedicated people behind your animal welfare organization have their own journey of how they found you and why they’re dedicated to your cause. That’s an inspiring feature article for a reporter or captivating conversation with a podcast host.  So is the background story on each of the animals that are in your care.

The experienced writers and media professionals at Orange Orchard can write your press release to announce an expansion or addition of a bigger facility, or new team members and the experience they bring. Have you reached a milestone or increase in the number of animals you’ve rescued? We can also write blogs on trending topics to keep your website updated.

And who doesn’t need more volunteers? Our team can help you shine a spotlight on your volunteers with social media posts about the ways they help your organization, guided by a thought-out posting calendar. Showcasing their efforts shows you view your volunteers as a part of your team, and just might catch the eye of your next volunteer.

Do you have an event or fundraiser in the works? A PR partner can start introducing you to media outlets and share your story and mission. That way, they already know all about you before your big event.

Are you ready to start experiencing the benefits of a PR partner who supports you and is ready to join your animal welfare mission?

Contact us or give us a call at (865) 977-1973.