Being mindful of the environment pays off

Consumers are changing. They are seeking out experiences — not things — and making more informed choices about their purchases. Not only do they want to know that companies are dedicated to protecting the environment, they want to do business with organizations committed to corporate responsibility.

These changing preferences provide a perfect opening for travel companies that specialize in ecotourism to increase their market share. Ecotourism is all about protecting the natural environment and the local culture in the areas being visited. It’s a message that resonates with a growing number of travelers, according to the Mozaik Hospitality Blog:

A third-party observer can realize that travelers believe that within the hotel’s responsibility should be considered the active protection of the environment, the cultural sensitivity and the support of local communities. It is essential for the hospitality industry to embrace this rapidly growing type of tourism, and incorporate within its philosophy all the vital concepts of ecotourism. By embracing the core elements of ecotourism, then the hotels (that are integral part of the hospitality industry), will see a significant growth on their profits.

Finding the Right Message

It takes more than simply announcing that a company is in the ecotourism business to succeed. As consumer tastes change, so does their preferences for communication. In a Forbes interview, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection President Dean Sivley, said that the travel industry must learn how to tailor its messages to adapt to changing demographics:

Millennials are the generation driving growth in the travel industry. As Millennials force brands to think mobile-first and communicate authentically, it’s likely that this will impact travel by encouraging travel and tourism brands to communicate in ways that are tailored to each segment within the Millennial group.

Seeking Help

If your ecotourism brand or travel company needs help finding the right messages to appeal to travelers, Orange Orchard can help. Our team of experienced ecotourism public relations experts can help develop and implement the communications strategies to set your brand apart in the crowded tourism marketplace . Contact us online or at 865-977-1973.