Many businesses can say that they care about animal welfare and believe in producing cruelty free products.  Sadly, not everyone stands behind what they say.

Orange Orchard is a PR Firm that walks the walk and talks the talk.  We stand behind the mission to make the world a kinder place by promoting animal-friendly or environmentally-conscious brands.  We are currently partnering with Sheeps Tennis, a company working to make tennis vegan. Their focus is replacing the wool in tennis balls with alternative materials that result in a cruelty-free and high-performing tennis ball.  You can sign their petition here:

If your business is committed to producing cruelty-free products too, you need a professional cruelty-free public relations agency like Orange Orchard to help establish your brand and emphasize the importance of your mission.  So what does “cruelty-free” really mean? It’s basically a brand that has taken the position that it won’t allow any tests on animals for any reason.  The PR experts at Orange Orchard are dedicated to championing those brands whose products and services are working to become better stewards of our planet and showing compassion to all animals.

Like you, our agenda is no secret.

As we enter 2021, we hope to see more companies and human beings finding ways to be kinder and more compassionate to animals of course, and to one another.  We are truly not your typical PR firm, we genuinely care.  Our owner and CEO, Heather Ripley is an ethical vegan herself, and Orange Orchard was developed from her passion to help organizations like yours change the world.   The entire team shares that vision and is dedicated to develop campaigns to help your business succeed, as your success is our success.

Let our impassioned PR experts partner with your cruelty-free brand and guide you to help spread the word about your purpose.  Look for Orange Orchard online, or give us a call at (865) 977-1973.  You can also find us on Facebook.  We will be your advocate, and we will promote change for the greater good.