Consumers are embracing environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, and it’s important to let the public know what your business is doing to help the planet. But your messaging and how it’s promoted can make or break your efforts as the public becomes more careful about the businesses they choose to patronize.

Consumers and customers are spending more and more time online reading reviews, checking websites and looking over social media channels, so you want to be sure you are being transparent and open about your environmental and sustainable efforts.

It takes a seasoned social media pro to create messaging that does that while also resonating with the public, so that’s why many businesses count on an environmental public relations agency to manage their social media platforms and online image. It’s important to work with professionals because:

  • Social media plays an important role in how your business’ environmental practices are perceived. Relying on a team member with very little business experience in social media messaging and best practices could be a mistake. An expert in environmental and sustainable messaging can promote your brand successfully, and connect with audiences.
  • Social media posts need to be genuine and not overly promotional. When promoting environmental or sustainable business initiatives, being too over-the-top on social media can backfire if the claims seem to be self-serving or arrogant. Professionals know how to tread carefully and authentically on social media to obtain the desired results.
  • Social media posts must be able to be verified by real facts. Half-truths and false claims are pervasive on social media, and you must separate your business from those kinds of practices. Working with a professional social media team who is expert in environmental and sustainable issues can give your business peace-of-mind that your brand’s integrity is safe on all your channels.

The image your business projects on social media is key to your success, and handing it over to an inexperienced intern or a friend-of-a -friend could end up costing you more than you think. Protect your brand and the image you wish to project as an environmentally-conscious business by partnering with Orange Orchard, a professional environmental public relations firm. We know how to reach the right audiences with the right messages. Call us at 865.977.1973 or Orange Orchard online.