We should never get too comfortable. Just because your vegan company is established, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate new strategies to promote and cement your company’s products or initiatives in the industry. Vegan public relations can help keep you strong and united in your messaging and goals.

Staying in the spotlight

Many ways established brands stay that way is by staying in the coverage. Whether it’s a podcast, a YouTube show, or the local newspaper, presence is key. A team like Orange Orchard PR can help your team keep those efforts going.

By garnering earned coverage, your intended audience can get your story without being hit over the head with promotional material. They can learn why you’re a vegan company and the story of you. They can learn about the animal welfare organizations your vegan brand supports. They can learn how your food is saving animals, or how your makeup brand isn’t using animal products. Whatever it is, by continuing to tell and develop your story, your brand can be more than simply established.

Crisis Protection

By being established and staying in the headlines, that means you’ll have more potential for a crisis to get more attention. You never know when a crisis could hit and by having a vegan public relations team, you can be prepared for those unfortunate situations. A team like Orange Orchard can help you prepare statements, identify a primary spokesperson and other key tactics to ensure you can control your own narrative. In times of crisis, you want to be sure you have a plan and an experienced team on your side.

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