A lot of times when we think of a PR crisis, we associate them with big business. Corporations and such. An executive has acted inappropriately. Money has gone missing. Layoffs. We’ve all seen a CEO issuing a statement at a press conference explaining why this or that happened and how the company is investigating.

But it’s not just big business that can see disaster strike or harrowing issues arise. I just came across a story about a humane society transfer gone horribly wrong. More than 300 rabbits, guinea pigs and rats did not end up where they were meant to arrive. This has led to public outrage and a police investigation into what went wrong.

It also led to local and national media coverage that delved into the inner workings of the humane society and its partners. In other words, what was already a bad situation became even worse.

A crisis can take on many forms, and it’s rare you’re lucky enough to see it coming. That’s why our animal welfare public relations team prepares our clients for the likelihood it’s going to happen. We put plans in place and a build a strategy for the day when you’ll need it, not if you’ll need it. Now, full disclosure, we hope it’s a total waste of our time and you’ll never use the plan we develop.

A crisis can severely damage your reputation and impede the work you’re doing. It can close doors, cause volunteers to leave and stop donations from coming in. The way you handle it can make things worse, if you’re not careful.

This is why crisis management and an experienced public relations partner are both vital to the well-being of your organization. Through our PR efforts, we can help you build a favorable reputation and build connections that can help you weather the storm.

Don’t let yourself be caught off guard. Contact Orange Orchard today and make sure you have a partner in your corner to help you through good times and bad.