Between the call for more transparent ESG reporting and the demand for products and solutions that help meet increasingly stringent LEED requirements, the market for green technology is not just expanding, it’s exploding. From artificial intelligence-powered devices like WINT’s cellular-connected leak detection and water management system to cloud-based software platforms that streamline project management tasks and eliminate massive amounts of paper, the space is buzzing with both exciting innovation and fierce competition. Even if your marketing is top-notch and unique, adding a green tech public relations strategy to the mix can help sell it through to your target customers.

Do you know what the difference is between paid media (advertising, marketing, etc.) and earned media when comes to trust? While only about half of consumers trust paid advertising, a whopping 92% trust earned media. This statistic remains despite a reported loss of overall trust in the general media. So, it’s critical to establish, build and maintain a strong presence in the trade media and news serving your industries. This takes time to accomplish, but the impact it can have on your other marketing efforts is exceptional. It’s a long tail game that requires strategy, so it’s best to partner with a specialized agency that has experience building momentum with green tech public relations efforts.

Achieving Earned Media

Trying to secure credible earned media on your own can prove difficult, especially if you don’t have existing relationships with media in your target verticals or don’t understand the nuances of pitching a good story. It takes experience, and it takes time…two things a good partner agency can bring to the table. Here are three ways that such a team can generate earned media through a solid green tech public relations strategy:

  1. Seek out and apply for key industry awards: Not all awards and rankings are created equal, but an experienced PR team can identify the most credible awards and develop compelling submissions for your brand. From acquiring badges to share on your website and socials to having a reason to put out a press release, winning awards can be a huge boon for your brand.
  2. Establish your spokesperson as a subject matter expert: Your spokesperson needs to be visible and trusted, and the right pitches can land opportunities to pen bylined articles on industry trends, guest appearances on popular podcasts and interviews with trusted trade outlets.
  3. Develop, distribute and pitch press releases: The press release isn’t dead! Press releases are incredibly valuable for sharing your news, and they position you as a credible source to journalists. Press releases can announce awards, funding rounds, product updates, key new hires and more.

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